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International press reviews:

The musical adviser of The Tolkien Estate, Oxford:
I find this the most interesting and exiting work. It reveals a close sympathy with the original work and a remarkable ability to vary the music not only in relation to the different styles and moods of the poems but also in relation to the different characters from whom the poems come.

The Tolkien Society, U.K.:
Here the juxtaposition of diverging musical flavours throughout the CD capture, I feel, the merging of chronological horizons, from the equine tramp of the Riddermark to the waistcoated bowels of Bag-End, which draped events in the narrative in a kaleidoscope of variation and vibrancy. One aspect this CD drew out for me was the recognition of the rich vein of oral tradition infused throughout Tolkien's work, a passive undercurrent to the tidal flow of the main narrative. This CD will certainly continue to reward the listener on each hearing.

Tolkien Online:
The Tolkien Ensemble's music has to be the most beautiful presentation of the poems from The Lord of the Rings. They have done a marvellous job translating what was written as poetry and prose into music. This CD should be purchased and enjoyed by Tolkien Fans everywhere.

Classic FM Radio:
The poems of The Lord of the Rings cover a wide range from ethereal Elven-hymns and love-songs to Hobbit drinking songs. Here they are set to exquisite music and recited by Saruman the White himself - Christopher Lee.
Christopher Lee, with his crisp, deep bass, will rattle your floor and raise the hair on the back of your neck with his powerful recitations. At Dawn in Rivendell will be a valued edition to the collection of any hobbit, elf or ent - but "regular folks" will appreciate its delightful mixture of musical styles and Christopher Lee's robust performance.

Interfils Press:
Los miles de admiradores de la famosísima trilogía de Tolkien coinciden en que nadie como este grupo ha sabido captar el espíritu del autor, una pieza imprescindible para comprender mejor y disfrutar del universo propuesto en «Lord of the Rings». La música pertenece a Caspar Reiff y Peter Hall, y ni más ni menos que el ya legendario Christopher Lee es el encargado de recitar los magníficos poemas de Tolkien. Una gozada.
Ergänzt um die Musiker der Copenhagen Young Strings, des Copenhagen Chamber Choirs und um die Stimme von Christopher Lee bekommen die Gedichte einen passenden künstlerischen Rahmen, der weit über die sympathische Nachempfindung der Worte hinaus geht. Die musikalischen Vorlagen stammen dabei von Caspar Reiff und Peter Hall und so entwickelt sich aus der Hommage eine elegante und einfallsreiche Neudeutung der lyrischen Kraft Tolkiens, die dem Ansinnen des Autors nach Ernsthaftigkeit in der Fiktion gerecht wird.
Japanische Rezension

Valinor, Brasil:
O trabalho da Tolkien Ensemble é simplesmente fantástico!! Mais do que recomendado.

Berlingske Tidende:
Caspar Reiff's and Peter Hall's music lives its own arcaic tune-inspired life, that both beautifully, lively and humorously surrounds the texts and their universe. With highlights of great beauty such as the Elven Queen Galadriel's songs, and of wonderful humor, like Peter Hall's hobbit-tunes. I am looking forward to hearing them again!

Jyllands Posten:
... above all Peter Hall and Caspar Reiff deserve compliments for their well-composed music, mainly in minor, with lots of laments and filled with a sorrowful beauty. Sublime vocal achievements ...

Musikeren (The Musician):
Anyone who has read The Lord of the Rings will love this musical interpretation ...

The Danish Tolkien Society, Søren Aabyen:
Rarely have I been so attracted to any music. This is no less that genious!

Kristeligt Dagblad:
... calm and gloomy singing to soft music from guitar, double-bass, violin and mandolin.
... a refreshing and different record to listen to.

One Ring:
A wonderful musical background while reading Tolkien's masterpiece.

Ekstra Bladet:
Reiff's and Hall's interpretation is a very successfull meeting of the classical tradition and folkish inspirations ...

Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft:
... von nahezu elbischer Schönheit. Die beste Tolkien-CD überhaupt.